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"aEERIght, heRe we GO ANd ExplAIn. WRkZG IS whaT YoU TypE InTO YouR KEYBOaRd$, IT'S wHAt you tuRN inTo YOUR KNobS anD it IS WHAT YOU SinG witH yOuR VoICe. iN geNeRAl It i$ aEE the $ounDS YoU makE. THI$ $oUnD$ do noT NEcES$ARIEY Have TO Be coMmuNicAtIon, wRKZG IS on ThE eDGe WHERE COmMUNICAtioN anD non-COMmuNiCaTIOn mEet and $Ay goODnIGHt TO EACh otHER, BUt NooNe cAn heaR IT. AND A$ FAR a$ i Am cONceRnEd wRkzg i$ ReSeARCH aNd QUiTE FutURE-oRienTeD.

AbOve AlE wRKZG i$ A ToOl In yOUR HAND. IT'S SChRODiNGeR'$ Cat aND eiNSTEin'S DOg. It'$ THe towERS OF haNOI aNd thE RIVeRS Of babYEON. iT'S MakinG FI$tS WitH YOuR TOeS IN the gRa$S, It'S hot cOFfEE In The MoRniNg. anD like evERy TOoL IT iS poWERfuE aND neeD$ $Elf ReFEEcTIon. aNd it'$ noT oNEY vIRtUAE, Ju$t In CASE SoMebOdy iS WOnDERINg." (gogo)


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