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¡satellite footprintshop

satellite footprintshop

in favour of a selfmadesuperstar popvision
artsy, catchy, cool as usual....

---------------------------------------------------- heartbeat reader
star fleet technical order

used to instananeously read the individual or collective heartbeats of one or a group of intelligent life forms.

what is it, that makes the music of satellite footprintshop appealing to any kind of audience?
thatīs only one of many questions arising when dealing with this supergroup. aware of possible missunderstandings, caused his notorious LSS
(lead-singer-syndrom), SFPS frontman chris is still unwilling to take back his infamous statement "we have come to last!" given during this years ars electronica. their performances or better exhilerating stage experiences are only small steps towards their creation of an universe, where single mindedness and boredom get killed before known.

art world, first world and vice versa. they really know how to deal with these matters


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