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Satellite Footprintshop - LIAM




format: CD

"satellite footprintshop are very, very good..."
(noel akchote, skug 52)

the first non-FON release on wrkzg surprises with a multi-layered pop approach by this widely travelled vienna based group satellite footprintshop. containing spacy psychedelia flirting with bohemia fears, followed by kitchen sink-smash hits, art school drop out anthems, twisted palahnukian paranoia going happy nihilistic pixelated trash-pop, liam follows a darker route in contemporary electronica, aware of the fine line between instant electroclash euphoria and a fashion victimīs good night kiss, underlining the difference between hype + hope, it remains a specific and decent debut.

satellite footprintshop are in existence since the year 2000. they have toured smaller clubs in moscow, paris, berlin, zurich ao.they collaborated with various electronic-acts such as quehenberger (a), viva la fete (bel), estompen (ger) and been integrated in special catwalk appearences by the fashionlabel fabrics interseason. on 02.12.02 a track of sfps will be released on the well-known hamburger label "zick zack", on itīs anniversary-compilation "bis auf weiteres eine demonstration."

http://www.mdos.at (online)



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